Which Mountain Do You Seek Refuge?

mt-sinaiI love hiking mountains. Some have been challenging and hard, but I alway find peace and rest when I hit the top. There is one mountain that offers peace when we are running to seek meaning, purpose and security. Which mountain do you run to for refuge? Mt. Sinai or Mt. Calvary? Mt Sinai (law) sent me to Mt. Calvary (grace).

Mt. Sinai tells us what we must DO, Mt. Calvary shows us what has already been DONE. It’s not Christianity AND… We’re all guilty of adding something to Jesus, but it’s Jesus + nothing = everything.

The Gospel offers freedom instead of slavery, fullness instead of emptiness, and an eternal identity instead of a worldly identity. Until the gospel grips and transforms you; life is all about YOU.

So which mountain are you running to? It’s my prayer you’re running to and have found Mt. Calvary and the One who did it all. It’s DONE. It is finished! I choose to seek refuge from Mt. Calvary. I seek the gospel as I need to be reminded of it everyday.


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