It Is About You…

Last Saturday the weather was beautiful. Snow, 50 degrees and sunny. I took advantage of it and headed out for a hike. During that hike I took time to listen to Him. Really listen, and this is what I heard.

Take interest in others without being self-seeking. Don’t humble yourself so much that you sacrifice your needs or who you are in Christ. Humble yourself but don’t compromise your integrity.

In the right context it is about you. That is if Jesus is first and you’re second. If you’re not taking care of yourself physically and most importantly spiritually you’ll struggle to be there for others when you try and you’ll end up sacrificing your own needs and who you are in Christ.

So in the right context it is ok to put yourself ahead of others when Christ is truly first and you’re second. And when someone tells you you’re being selfish, share your I Am Second story. If they don’t understand and hit you with negativity, pray for them but also unplug from them. Otherwise you could end up sacrificing your own needs and who you are in Christ.

Take interest in others, don’t be self-seeking, BUT don’t compromise and sacrifice your identity in Christ.


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