One Guy, A GoPro & Abandoned Tunnels = Amazing!

Drones, aerial footage using a GoPro. It’s the latest in personal video making. It’s taking home movies to an all new level, literally. We stumbled on this video below earlier today. It shows the old abandoned Pennsylvania turnpike tunnels not too far from our location. We’ve hiked the old road before. The old road, now a biking trail weaves through the mountain and woods until you reach the old tunnels no longer being used. I’ll admit, hiking through them is a little creepy but also very interesting at the same time. From ground level it’s amazing how nature has and still is taking over the concrete, hiding this once traveled road from everyday sight.

The guy who created this video did an excellent job of not only showing the old abandoned turnpike tunnels, but also the beautiful landscape and fall colors we call home. It shows just one of the many reasons why we love living in this part of Pennsylvania.

You can find more information about the tunnels at these sites.
Abandoned Pennsylvania Turnpike Tunnels

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