Hiker of the Week – JoAnn Mock

I’ve had the privilege of meeting JoAnn through the LHHT Facebook page. We’ve had several conversations about hiking and LHHT, and there is no doubt JoAnn fell in love with hiking and the outdoors. She is a Ridge-Runner for the LHHT and has recently returned from a 3 night trip.

Way to go JoAnn! You are this week’s “Hiker of the Week.”

“I’ve been hiking since I was young. I have been blessed to live by the woods most of my life. Although in the last 15 years I’ve hiked the most. It gives me a calming effect when I need it and I’m overwhelmed with the beauty of nature. My son in laws childhood home borders the LHHT, so once he married my daughter I’ve seen more of the mountain and got involved in the Ridge-Runner program that does trail maintenance. I just got back from a 3 night hike and can’t wait to go back. I’ve met so many amazing folks because we all love to hike.”12038873_1162093547137642_3068333346245477843_o


6 thoughts on “Hiker of the Week – JoAnn Mock

  • February 29, 2016 at 12:24 AM

    JoAnn is an awesome individual. I have had the opportunity to not only hike along side her but also have worked wth her on the Ridge Runner meetups.

    I have also gone ahead and adopted her section of trail that she maintains to give her a hand as well as my section.

    JoAnn is one of the most admirable people I have ever met.

    I am definitely blessed to have crossed paths with her.

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