Fall on the Early Bird Homestead (HBF)


Moments after sunrise


Mornings this time of year on the Early Bird Homestead are beautiful, peaceful and relaxing. This morning I woke early for a walk with Gus, our Jack Russell, and a cup of coffee.

In the mid forties, the wind blowing and the smell of our Woodburn in the air, Gus and I sat on the ground and watched the sun come up.

After a busy week at work this moment was needed. The only sounds we heard came from the wind whipping through the leaves and birds fluttering about as they began their day.

Life on the Early Bird Homestead is a lifestyle of hard work followed by moments of rest with color views that leave you forgetting the weeks noises and distractions.

Remember, life is one long hiking trip meant to be journeyed with moments of quiet, taking in His creation and listening to His voice.

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