A Blueberry Scone with a Message

So this just happened. Well, actually it happened yesterday on Thanksgiving.

Our fellow hiker, outdoors-man and friend, Dwayne Parton was on KTVA News in Alaska. Now, I know what you’re thinking. Did he make the new for his absolutely amazing photos? For his heart inspiring stories he shares on his website? Or for his journey across country into Alaska where he and his buddy Bobby have decided to spend the winter?

One might think that…

However, his TV appearance was about a blueberry scone. LOL! (wait, is it proper blog etiquette to type LOL?)

While his bluebarry scone comment brought laughter to our day as I’m sure it will to you as well, it was his last remark that stood out the most to us. As a matter of fact his last remark is what I’ve come to know Dwayne for the most…his heart about life. It’s a small statement, but a profound one.

Well…you’ll have to see the new segment for yourself to know what I’m talking about.

What little things are you thankful for each day?


1456484_10151818850947998_228489128_nBrian Ford is the founder of Hike By Faith. He loves the outdoors, hiking and backpacking. He is also a writer. When he’s not outside in the woods on a trail he spends his time at his home building his homestead with his dog Gus and his wife Robin.

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