5 Ghostly Outdoor Tales to Hike in Central Pennsylvania

It’s Halloween, that time of year for hot cider, pumpkin carving, costume wearing and trick or treating. For some, it’s about getting out with friends for a good scare at a haunted house or corn maze.

I grew up in New Jersey and as a kid I heard stories about the Jersey Devil that roamed the woods of the Pine Barrens. When our family went camping I’d recall those stories as I hiked the trails of Turkey Swamp Campground or Wharton State Forest.

These days, living in Pennsylvania, I’ve hiked and backpacked trails and mountains with similar tales. On all my adventures I have not personally encountered any ghosts of ghouls but the tales told have left a fingerprint in my mind. When/if I recall these tales I have, admittedly, caught myself looking over my shoulder. It’s funny how the mind can play tricks on us.

During this Halloween week a fellow adventurer, blogger and #hikerchat entertainer , The Last Adventurer, is featuring some scary stories and haunted spots. Do you have a scary trail story or haunted spot? If so, contact The Last Adventurer. Maybe your ghoulish tale will be shared.

In the meantime, check out these local Central Pennsylvania haunted outdoor locations we’ve hiked.

Raystown Ray  – Central PA’s Lochness Monster

The Legend of the White Lady of Wopsy Mountain

Lost Children of the Alleghenies

Phillip’s Ranger Monument

Abnadoned PA Turnpike Tunnels

The Irish Pennsylvania Ghost

What haunted Pennsylvania trail have you hiked or camped? Comment with your story and location.


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