Laurel Highlands Hiking Trail Re-Route

Recently the Laurel Highlands Hiking Trail posted the following regarding the reroute of the trail between mile marker 26 and 27. The previous route skirted Lake Tahoe giving hikers a serine view, but the new route offer a scenic overlook and keeps the trail in the rugged part of the forest the trail is known for with hikers.

If you are planning any day hikes or backpacking trips on the LHHT take note of this reroute.

Attention hikers traveling between mile marker 26 and 27 on the Laurel Highlands Hiking Trail: A portion of the LHHT has been RE-ROUTED in this section in an effort to maintain the rugged characteristic of the trail and improve the visitor experience. Hiking from the SOUTH, the new trail skirts the development at 7 Springs just north of the Pritts Distillery Road crossing, winding through a wooded hill side, eventually bringing the hiker out at the top of 7 Springs ski slopes, near the Gunnar ski lift. New trail marker posts have been installed. Hiking from the NORTH across the ski slopes, the trail now continues along a tree line, just below Lake Tahoe, following new trail marker posts through to the top of the slopes and enters the woods again just beyond the Gunnar ski lift. Please see the map of the re-route in this post.


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