Fall Camping Spurs on a Dream


cabinMy wife and I escaped for a weekend to a cabin in the woods. It was the first day of fall. Overcast at times, chill in the air, and leaves were starting to turn.

Sitting in the cabin I spent the afternoon writing. Robin, after a long work week, is taking a well deserved nap.

The golden rod is popping as I look across the field outside the cabin. Like a bright yellow blanket covering it waves in the breeze. Further out the mountains sit. Dabs of red, orange and brown, with varying shades of greens contrast the view from my window. Clouds roll by forming various shapes. The sun peeking through from time to time lighting the field and brightening the colors. The lake sits off in the distance. I cannot see it, but I know it is there just below. The woods and field surrounding our cabin block our view, but offers a quiet seclusion. A long awaited seclusion from the outside world.

In the early morning we took a walk. Robin collected bright colored leaves and stones. Memories from our cabin getaway that will be placed in a jar on our mantel when we get home.

Fall is our favorite time of year. The smell of leaves in the air as a breeze passes across our faces. Crickets singing and tree rustling. Fond memories of past fall seasons rush through my mind, and new memories are being captured.

The afternoon is slowly passing. The comfort of our rustic cabin, cozy warmth from the chill outside, and hot chocolate in my Coleman camping mug warms my hands. The setting is peaceful and I’m at rest. Time has no meaning. I look across the room at my wife as she naps peacefully and I smile.

My mind wonders and I catch myself beginning to doze off. Is it possible to live out the rest of my days in a cabin much like this one on a mountain in the woods? Secluded from the things in this world that bring stress and disorder?campfire

I am thankful for everything God has done and given me, but I find myself seeking a different lifestyle. One not so easily accepted by the everyday person. A lifestyle of less clutter, less busyness, and no drama of the political realm.

The real question is NOT, “Is it possible…” Rather the real question is, “When can we make it happen?”

Remember, we can sit back and question our dreams, or have faith and go after them. Hike by Faith my friends!

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