Gear Review: One Tigris MOLLE Tactical Waist Pack

The week before Christmas I set out for a hike around Raystown Lake with my new One Tigirs MOLLE Tactical Waist Pack.

Days before my hike temps were dropped into the single digits with a blast of lake effect snows and freezing rain. So as I approached the trailhead I knew I was in for an adventure. The snow was packed with a layer of ice. Proper footing, careful steps, trekking poles and a pair of crampons was, without a doubt, needed for my journey.

From the start I was impressed with the way the One Tigris MOLLE Tactical Waist Pack rested on my waist and hips. It was comfortable fit without any pinching on pressure points.

In my video below I go into detail about the pack and all its features. Check out the One Tigris MOLLE Tactical Waist Pack at

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