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I would like to start off by Thanking Hike by Faith, Hiker Steve, and Hiker Bee,

Three New Friends that share the Love for the Hike and for others!

It took three days of thinking… How to start/tell a story about one’s self…

So here it is:

40 Years ago, born and raised outside Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in Southern New Jersey. My 1st eighteen years were spent fishing, exploring and camping. Most of my early years these activities was spent with my father. My Father a Woodshop Teacher would take me on walks, and tell me tall tales, and factual stories about the woods, Native American’s, and the early settlers. On these walks in the woods my mind would waunder to my Dad’s stories, and before long… I was a part of the adventure he was telling. There I was… on the Appalachian Trail  walking with the Native Americans… but in reality I was in the woods, that my father adventured in, when he was a kid in Wenonah NJ. None the less it was an adventure! The adventures got better with family camping trips, we camped everywhere. The older I got, I began journeys on my own. I walked everywhere exploring all the woods that I could get to, and home by dinner time.

Eventually I left home after High School, and attended Mansfield University. I had chosen a university that was surrounded by forest, and mountains. Let’s just say my College years was the best time of my life. My favorite place to be was in the Pennsylvania Grand Canyon, it had it all! Unfortunately the fishing was amazing and that left me to dream about walking in the woods that surrounded Pine Creek (creek that runs thru the canyon). With my College years now behind me, I got a job and began working. I still got out in the woods, but not like use too. Eventually a girl that I knew from college came into my life. She had become pregnant in college (not by me) and had to drop out.

This is when my story gets very personal… and not to drag out a long story…  So the short version is this. She had two boys when we got married, I became a Step Father to one boy, I adopted her other son, and we then had one son together. But, due to her lies and affairs our marriage ended in January of 2015.

I was alone for the first time in years. I have friends spread out all over the place, but very few local. So, I was really alone. All I ever wanted in life was to be a Father, Husband and have a Family of my own. I had a major breakdown, up to this time in my life I wasn’t a heavy drinker, but I became one. Then one day in March of 2015 on YouTube I found Gator Miller, and The Hiking Viking’s Appalachian Trail Thru Hiking Vlogs. I was inspired, to slowly put down the beer and get off my butt. I pulled out all my old gear and started replacing what I needed, and began going for walks in the woods again. Hiking started to make me feel alive again.

So this brings me to Christmas 2015. My parents visited my home for the holidays, and when they were leaving my mother jinxed me. My mother stated “That she hopes, that I would find love (a women) once again”.  My response to her was: “That… was the least of my concerns, that I missed my boys and my focus was on them”.  Well…One day later I met an amazing women on-line, talking about hiking. We talked, we met, and we have now been living together for almost a year. We hike together and she has changed my life. My girlfriend Turbo T (Emily) Hiked the AT northbound in 2007 solo, and she has an amazing story to tell.

So how was Trail Bound born… Well thru the pain of missing my boys… I Hike.

Currently I am section hiking the Mid State Trail in Pennsylvania that runs from NY/MD. With the goal to get this 40 year old body back in shape, and these legs strong, to carry me onto the Appalachian Trail. I need the Appalachian Trail Journey for many reasons, here are just a few:

To come to peace with God and myself.

What I have lost in self-esteem, and confidence, I hope to reclaim.

To fulfill my father’s stories and dreams of hiking the AT.

To document the Trail Bound Journey to the AT, and then the thru hike of the AT.

The reasons why I am documenting my Journey is for my Sons, My Father, Family, Friends, for all of those that dream of Hiking, but can’t due to their physical capabilities, and for those that just want to enjoy the journey with me. So I am asking you the reader to please follow my Journey. With your support, and support from my love ones, I hope to step onto the AT in 2018. Please follow my Journey to the Trail, as it begins from day one… with my “40 Years” Video on You Tube.

With that said… I am sharing my entire Journey with you… The story of Trail Bound… Beginning to Katahdin! There are many hikers documenting their journey when on the AT please follow and support them as well. Safe Journeys to all the Hikers in 2017!

Thank you I appreciate your support, and this opportunity to share my story.

Trail Bound 

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