Hiker Bee joins the #HBFCrew

Bernardine (Hiker Bee) Wood, Nova Scotia, Canada – Growing up in rural Nova Scotia, the woods and water was our playground. As a teenager I traded in sneakers for heels and it was only in the last eight years or so that I reconnected with, and really started my love affair with nature. I am devoted to that deep feeling of peace and happiness I find in the middle of the comforting forest, and the worry cleansing power of soothing ocean waves.

I am a cyclist and kayaker, but most of all I am a hiker. The excitement I feel when starting off a new trail/adventure is unlike any other joy in my life. The feeling of giddy accomplishment when I finish it and head home is unlike any other feeling of success. I often choke back tears on a hike because some view is just that beautiful.

But to me, being a member of the #HBFCrew is something greater than sharing a challenging day hike or gear tip. It is a commitment to sharing our love and knowledge of the outdoors with others, especially those who may not have ventured out without our excitement and support. Those who might also find healing and strength in nature.

If you are reading this and wondering if you could be “that guy/girl” who is outdoorsy (and you would be me ten years ago!) I am telling you yes – you can. Reach out to any of us to get started on your journey.

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