#hikeroftheweek: Hiking With Hendrix @HikingWithHendr


And thank you so much for choosing me to be one of your spotlight hikers!

My name is Rene’, and I actually stumbled into hiking; literally!  In 2010 I was living in Oklahoma but was looking to move to Arizona, where 2 of my sons were stationed.  On one of my visits there, during this transition process, my sons and I decided to go to this place called White Tank Mountains Regional Park.  The three of us “hiked” the Waterfall Trail, in jeans, men’s dress shoes, women’s flip flops, ect.  That was definitely were the seed of all that was to come was planted.
Fast forward a few years later, and a few events in life, that had left me somewhat emotionally broken!  I was blessed to adopt Hendrix The Hiking Dog, and it was not long before Hen and I were discovering every nook and cranny of White Tank Mountains Regional Park.  It was in those mountains, rocks, cactus, dirt, bloody knees, climbs, and victories that my heart and life were healed of so many hurts!
Now my hiking is all about staying physically, mentally, and emotionally fit, and encouraging others to do the same, through documenting my adventures!
I am also a “recovering bedside ER and ICU” RN, who is now certified in Wilderness Medicine, and cannot wait to use this knowledge on more adventures!!!
You can follow our adventure here

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