The Jeep of Exploration and Adventure

There really isn’t much more romantic than Jeep’s mission statement, the idea that you can go anywhere. From the Beaches of Daytona to the Summit of Pigeon Mountain, I’ve truly had the Jeeps that could. When I was younger, having a Jeep was about proving something, about being able to conquer what people told me I couldn’t. However, that thought has escaped me these days as having a Jeep is all about being able to explore the world around us in a way that is hard to do without them.

Sometimes having a Jeep means being able to have problem-solving skills. From discovering the county has truly given up on road maintenance and having to turn around, or to have the way blocked by a renegade Rooster, sometimes it is about finding not so perfect road, but the perfect trail.

These days this is the main purpose of my Jeep. It is to find the trailhead of places I never knew I’d see beyond a map. It has taken me from seeing some of the Florida wetlands to experiencing some of the hottest Florida flatlands. Even though I have fallen in love with Northern Florida, having the ability to section hike the Florida Trail is a lot easier if you can drive to each location.

I would be lying if Jeeping didn’t come with the perks of making camping a lot easier, and also a lot cleaner. What still amazes me is that you can fit an entire kitchen in the back of your Jeep. In our case, you can fit a kitchen while still having room for your trouble maker coonhound. If you are driving hound-less, you can even invest in a refrigerator. Having a Jeep also means you have no excuse to leave a mess behind. From the Trash-A-Roo that has turned into my Leave no Trace educational tool on my spare tire, to not needing a fire because of your camp kitchen, no one has an excuse to leave more behind than the light imprint of their AT’s.

Jeeps allow you to not only clear your head while sneaking around the woods with your herd of fellow Jeepers, but also allows you to carry equipment for further exploration such as Kayaks and Canvas Tents. Having a Jeep should go beyond having a vehicle, but as a tool to seek adventure. From hiking to kayaking to arriving back to camp in the wilderness, to me having a Jeep means having the technology to find your own place to discover nature. And to escape from the hectic life that lives on the concrete streets.

Chris Moses is the social media manager & content creator for Ultimate Survival Technologies. She is also very active in the Jeep community and has recently started a bog called Hibernia Overland.

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