Find New Adventure & Great Food with Campside Chef Ron Loeber

If you’re looking for something different and unique in your adventures you’ll want to check out Campside Chef. Just north of the Pennsylvania border in the Catskill’s of New York awaits a culinary adventure that promises a great view, awesome food and an educational nature tour.

Campside Chef offers various options for you culinary adventure. Hikes range from under two miles and up to five miles plus in various locations such as Bald Mountain in Forge, NY, Sawyer Mountain in Indian Lake, NY, and Hunter Mountain in Hunter, NY. Campside Chef also offers a variety of menu options for your mountain adventure. Imagine chowing down on a Rib-eye Steak and Cheese Wrap from the top of Bald Mountain. Or his Seafood Melody from the top of Sawyer Mountain. Whatever your taste, Campside Chef offers a menu with options to satisfy your taste buds as well as give you the energy you need to continue your mountain adventure.

Looking for an adventure beyond the ordinary? Love food? You’ve come to the right place! We’re all about the great food with beautiful views! We offer guided hikes that consist of tutorials on the history, flora, and fauna of the mountain and area that you will be climbing. We also build your skills with map & compass, backpacking basics and the leave no trace principles.¬†On top of that, we will prepare a wonderful meal for you & your group at the summit of the mountain. You will be entertained by the Campside Chef Ron Loeber as he prepares your lunch while you look at the amazing vista of the surrounding area. If you are looking for that extraordinary experience in the great outdoors, then book with us today!

For more information about Campside Chef check out his website. For a glimpse of his culinary adventure that will be sure to make you drool and get you packing your pack check out his Instagram.

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