Brian “x2jhiker” Ford HBF Founder, husband, and avid outdoorsman, backpacker and adventurer. UST Brand Ambassador and an Epic Social Adventurer

I started hiking when I was young. I was blessed to have my Dad not only take me hiking at a young age, but also teach me the basic of the outdoors. Even before I could walk my parents took me hiking as I straddled a pack designed for infants, on my Dad’s back. As a teenager he got me into the Boy Scouts. Some of my fondest memories were spent camping with my Dad on a scout outing or Camporee. Vacations for my family were spent at State Parks throughout New Jersey and Pennsylvania. Hiking has always been a time for me to get out and away from everything, to shut out the world. Hiking and backpacking brings people together in a community, with a common interest but diverse backgrounds, ages, cultures and up bringing. I am a brand influencer for GravityFed & GearStash. I also a member of the board for Gear Forward.


Steve Holliday aka Hiker_Steve I live just outside of Vancouver, BC with my lovely wife and our aging dog. I have three children who have all grown up and have their own lives. My love for the outdoors started when I was very young. My parents took me camping throughout BC, most of the time in a Camper or at least some sort of RV. As I grew up I started camping with friends, sometimes biking to the campsite, sometimes hiking to the campsite, but mostly Car camping in a tent, and it continued as I grew up. My favorite place for overnight hiking is Cathedral Park in BC. You can find out more about me from my Twitter feed, my Blog or myYouTube channel where I’ve posted a few video reviews of products. I am also a UST Brand Ambassador and an Epic Social Adventurer


Iris Morales aka @strongsoul_11 – I live in California;  “Hiking can transform more than just your body and mind. It can change your HEART.” HIKING SAVED MY LIFE. I put my heart into every single hike. Hiking was that open door that I was looking for. And that’s how I started my new journey.  the hardest part was to believe in myself again, to believe I could do it. Here I am now, stronger, self loving and hoping to introduce this happiness to everyone who may be feeling hopeless.


Bernardine (Hiker Bee) Wood, Nova Scotia, Canada – Growing up in rural Nova Scotia, the woods and water was our playground. As a teenager I traded in sneakers for heels and it was only in the last eight years or so that I reconnected with, and really started my love affair with nature. I am devoted to that deep feeling of peace and happiness I find in the middle of the comforting forest, and the worry cleansing power of soothing ocean waves.

I am a cyclist and kayaker, but most of all I am a hiker. The excitement I feel when starting off a new trail/adventure is unlike any other joy in my life. The feeling of giddy accomplishment when I finish it and head home is unlike any other feeling of success. I often choke back tears on a hike because some view is just that beautiful.

But to me, being a member of the #HBFCrew is something greater than sharing a challenging day hike or gear tip. It is a commitment to sharing our love and knowledge of the outdoors with others, especially those who may not have ventured out without our excitement and support. Those who might also find healing and strength in nature.

If you are reading this and wondering if you could be “that guy/girl” who is outdoorsy (and you would be me ten years ago!) I am telling you yes – you can. Reach out to any of us to get started on your journey.

Eddie Graberitz, Pennsylvania – Where do I start about how I came to love the outdoors, well as a child we had a lot of woods out back which was an abandoned railroad. As a kid I would come home from school and right back out the door to go and build forts, tree houses, blaze our own trails for biking.

This had become my giant playground and it was amazing. Well my love for the outdoors only grew from there once I could drive I started to venture onto new trails and learned the pay off for a great hike is an amazing view of the world! Then I was introduced to backpacking the AT from a friend and well I instantly fell in love with it and can’t get enough. I’m also a Gear Forward Ambassador.

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Shawn Manogue, Pennsylvania – Nature and the outdoors saved Shawn (Trailbound) Manogue from a low point in his life. Turning 40 was a pivotal experience and determined to make it a positive one, Shawn turned to social media to share his outdoor and life journey. His videos are made both to inspire others to share the outdoors, and to share the outdoors with those with mobility issues who can’t. Shawn is currently section hiking the Mid State Trail, and planning his supreme goal of thru-hiking the AT. He lives in PA with his outdoor and life partner Emily (Turbo T). “‪Life is an adventure I can’t choose the best so far, but I hope I can remember the best of my life when I’m at the end of it.” – Trail Bound YouTube – Twitter