Hiker Hosting

Attention Mid State Trail (MST) Hikers

At HBF Outdoors our goal is to inspire others to connect through outdoor experiences. We want to help make your Mid State Trail (MST) section or thru-hike a great experience.

I’ve hiked many trails over the years including the MST. My feet and knees after many miles have been worn and weary. Having a place to get off the trail for a good meal, refill water, and resupply food has been, in my experience, a blessing and something to look forward to on my journeys.

Here at the Early Bird Homestead, we want to provide that place you can look forward to on your journey.

Finding a place to camp between Sections 3 & 6 can be challenging as most of it is private land, PA State Game Lands, and little water resources. After hiking on a rainy day a campfire is a welcoming friend to get dry and warm. However, in these sections, campfires are not permitted. But here at the Early Birdbird Homestead, you’ll be welcomed with a campfire and place to dry off.

We host MST section and thru-hikers at our homestead located in Martinsburg, PA.

We offer a private location to pitch your tent, hang a hammock or stay in our guest cottage, fill up on water, take a hot shower, a campfire pit, electricity to charge your phone, mail drops and wifi.

We also provide breakfast & coffee in the morning cooked over an open fire, and eggs are fresh each morning from chickens raised on our homestead.

We offer to pick up and drop off from three locations, Williamsburg (Lower Trail), Martinsburg (Rt 164), & Loysburg (Rt 36)

We’re located less than a mile from town and can easily shuttle you for supplies and food. We offer our hosting at no charge. Donations are gratefully accepted.


** For a small fee ($15.00 a night) we also offer a spot for those living the van life and need a place to stay while passing through onto your next destination. A quiet location on our property with water and electric hookup in addition to the services listed above.**

To make arrangements call us at (814) 317-6340

You can also contact us at hikebyfaith@gmail.com

Enjoy the comfort and quiet of the country while you rest and resupply for the duration of your MST journey.

Spend the evening sitting by our fire pit as you kick back and relax your weary feet.


Local Attractions

Traditions Resturaunt


Fox’s Pizza

Dollar General

C&S Market

Mamie’s Cafe

Ritchey’s Dairy


The Mid State Trail (MST) makes up part of the Great Eastern Trail that runs from Alabama to New York.Great Eastern Trail in Pennsylvania is a cooperative project of Potomac Appalachian Trail ClubMid State Trail AssociationStanding Stone Trail Club, Mid Atlantic Foot Trails Coalition (MAFTC), American Hiking Society.

GET’s west loop crosses the famed Mason-Dixon Line to orange blazed Mid State Trail, the longest and wildest of Pennsylvania’s footpaths where if you hike alone, you will still meet more bears than people. Sharp boulders, knife-edge rocks, forever views, and little water greet intrepid hikers who take on the west loop. Friendly trail towns of Everett and Williamsburg are oases of comfort.