What is #ICE2017?

Inspiring people to connect with the outdoors for an experience in Western PA. (Inspire, connect & experience)

I’ve put together a team of PA hikers and true outdoor enthusiasts for adventure and to give back to the outdoor community of Western Pennsylvania. We’ll be exploring various trails, sharing our adventures, volunteering, and inspiring others to connect with the outdoors for some awesome experiences. Be sure to check out the team, connect with them on social media and follow their individual adventures as well as upcoming #ICE2017 trips planned for the fall.

Coming soon!

Backpacking trip on the Laurel Highlands Hiking Trail (LHHT) to raise support for the shelter renovations.

Meet the team

Eddie Graberitz
Jenni Bowser
Tyler Chilcot
Backcountry Petite
Julie Reinhart
Brian Ford