What does #LHX2017 stand for? Good question. It stands for Laurel Highlands Experience 2017.
When: April 23-29, 2017
What is it: A five day backpacking trip beginning on the north end of the trail and ending at Ohiopyle, the south end.
Distance: Seventy Miles
We are bringing a diverse team from all over the U.S. and Canada from the outdoor community known for their social media interaction to connect in person on the trail sharing our experiences, skills, and ideas to inspire others to get outside, connect with nature, and connect with others.
Through this event it is our goal to encourage people to donate gear to Gear Forward to help equip the next generation for adventure. Each team member is giving back in their own way and reaching out to collect donated gear.
Do you have a tent or sleeping bags in storage not being used? Will you consider helping us by donating your unused or new gear?
Do you know a non-profit organization, Scout Troop, or faith-based organization that is in need of camping gear for their programs? If so, we want to know who the are, where they are located and what they need.
Each member of the team has been hand picked for their various outdoor skills. The main reason they have been chosen…they all have a desire to giveback and pay it forward.
In the months to come leading up to #LHX2017 we’ll post updates here on our website. You can also follow us on Instagram and Twitter
The #LHX2017 Team
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